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Shape change with us! Share your experiences to boost LGBTQ+ support and build stronger communities in Texas and New Mexico.

LGBTQ+ Needs Assessment

The Borderland Rainbow Center, in partnership with University of Texas El Paso and New Mexico State University, is conducting an LGBTQ+ Needs Assessment.

We're inviting LGBTQ+ adults in Texas and New Mexico aged 18 and above, and parents/guardians of LGBTQ+ Youth in Texas and New Mexico, to participate in our 'Understanding Together: LGBTQ+ Needs Assessment' survey. Your insights, whether you're part of the LGBTQ+ community or a parent of LGBTQ+ children, fuel positive change and promote unity in our communities. Let's thrive together!

All responses are confidential and anonymous.

Who can participate in the survey?

  • LGBTQ+ Adults ages 18 and up living in Texas and New Mexico

  • Parents/Guardians of LGBTQ+ youth (K-12 school age) living in Texas and New Mexico

Why is participating important?

Your participation provides:

  • a platform for you to safely share your experiences in navigating health and mental health services, public systems, and more

  • vital information which LGBTQ+ centers, medical and mental health providers, and other public services can use to improve how they serve and partner with the community

  • data which can be used to support social advancement of LGBTQ+ equity

  • data which can be used to identify gaps in services and access

  • valuable insight that can help us better advocate for and with you!

Don't qualify to take the LGBTQ+ Needs Assessment?

Please share this page with friends, family, colleagues, and anyone you can think of. We appreciate your help! You can share the link provided, or you can share this web page!

Needs Assessment Link:

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